So you have a new member? Who is he, and why the lineup change?

Pat Our buddy Mike Borth is playing bass for us now. Tia recently got married and her business making bike messenger bags is booming, so she was having trouble finding time to do all that and tour as well. Mike has filled in for her on previous tours that Tia couldn't do.

I heard some of the demos, what are you recording for right now? Any plans for another full length?

Well right now we are recording an EP of the last five songs we wrote with Tia. We wanted to document them instead of just letting the songs get swept under the rug. It should be out as a 10" sometime in the next few months on No Idea. Since Mike has joined the band a few months ago, we have also been writing for another full length. We have maybe around half of the songs or so written for it. We leave for Europe in April for about a month so when we get back from that we hope to start figuring out recording for that release.

You've got some shows coming up with Leatherface. Are you excited? Any other cool tours coming up?

Yeah, Leatherface is one of my favorite bands. I met Frankie in 2006 when i was over in the UK with my old band and last year when B&T was over he was at the show. The first time we met we stayed with him and he made us all pasta and we watched Hostel, then the next day we actually had to stay at a hostel for the first time, it was kind of a freak out. Besides that short stink with Leatherface, we are doing that European tour in April with Young Livers and then we are doing a few more days with Small Brown Bike in May. Should be cool.

Bridge and Tunnel + a Leather Face-d old man

Besides B&T, you're playing in Stolen Parts, how's that going? What are your plans for that band?

Stolen Parts is a pop-punk band I'm in with some buddies from other bands. We just put out a 7" on Kiss of Death. I think it came out really good, its been awhile since i have played in a pop-punk band so i was pretty pumped to do a record. We don't play that often and we probably wont tour because some of them have full time jobs, but its fun either way.

Recently you played with Monikers? How was that? Why the "reunion"?

Well we played last month at a benefit for our friend Jeff's brother, Nick Poot, who found out he had cancer a few months back. Ryan from Monikers is also in Stolen Parts and when they got asked to play, he asked me to fill in. Scotty who usually plays drums couldn't make the trip up north, so we practiced twice and drove up to Boston to play. It was a fun show, Witches with Dicks played too.

It's pretty hard playing music in the city, what do you do to make ends meet? How much ramen is too much?

Yeah living in NY is pretty hard, everything is super expensive. You just gotta try and not spend too much...ramen is an amazing way to help this problem.

How's it living with the Garwacke brothers? Can you feel the energy? Do you love the pajamas?

Living with the Garwacke's is like watching Step By Step on TGIF in the 90's...your not quite sure why you love it, you just do. Plus the house is always full of people, so it works on a few levels of funniness.

How is the scene in New York? Do you love it?

The NY scene is ok i guess. There are a lot of great bands, just not too many great places to play. Most are 21+ bars with shitty PA's. The few all ages venues we do have are really amazing though. Like I said before, its just hard because the city is so expensive so having JUST a venue that's all ages is pretty tough.

Name some local bands that you excited about?

Well I just had to do a bunch of "top 2009 band" lists, so i got this one down already. GET PUMPED FOR: Iron Chic, Kudrow and Timeshares. Also listen to the new Banner Pilot record, "Collapser", its probably the best record i have heard in the last five years.

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