How do I get my band/record/face on IYMI?

Since I do this site by myself, I try to get friend's opinions on different music, and a lot of times they will come to me with ideas on who to check out. With that said, I always try to listen to the music that people send me. You can send me your music through email on the Contact Page or send me it in real mail.

If You Make It c/o David Garwacke
470 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Sometimes I get really swamped juggling filming, real work and maintaining the site. If I don't respond back to you, I'm really sorry. I try and listen to everything no matter what, and it may take me a long time to sift through the wreckage of my inbox. Of course, if I end up liking the music, I'll get back to you super quick.


What do you use to record?

For a lot of the older videos, I used a Panasonic GS-320. It had no external mic or manual gain control, but for some reason it worked great for capturing live sound. I'm not sure what it was, but it helped kick start this site by allowing me to just point and shoot.

Currently, I am using a Canon HF100 to record, which has been pretty great. It has lots of manual controls, shoots in HD, and I can reuse the memory card. I've had a couple of problems with it, including a busted zoom and lost mic jacks, but it's pulled through like a champ. I also have a AT-822 stereo condenser mic attached to the top, although I'm not sure if it really does anything.

Why do you have multiple videos from the same bands?

The site tends to fall into lulls when I haven't gone to a show or filmed in a while. When this happens, I usually dig through past shows and post alternate videos of the same bands. The bands that I post the most also tend to be my favorites, or include my favorite people.


What is the Blue Couch?

The pink couch is disgusting, so I bought a blue cover. I figure bands can play on that when they come around for a second time. This may or not be a real thing. Good Luck has recorded one, and that's about it.


What are the RSS feed links?

There are many different rss urls that you can use in your favorite rss readers.

Pink Couch Sessions
Show Videos

How can I help?

Send me an email by click Contact Us, and let me know what you are thinking. The quickest way to help is through donating, which helps pay for the equipment and time I put into the site. Otherwise I'm always looking for people to help with ideas.


How do album donations work?

My ideal situation is that bands would be able to get money for the downloads they put up on the site. I figured that I would start passing along all the money after an album reached $20 ( for server costs, time spent, blah blah blah ). As it stands, no album has had more than $20 donated towards it. I recently added in the ability to see how much the band has made in donations, to keep IYMI transparent. Some bands have their donations funneled straight to themselves (ie; Used Kids), in that case I have no idea how much money they've raised on IYMI. Some donations were too far back for me to find. Sorry to anyone that helped out the beginning!


Why are the video views different than YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotions stats?

On March 11th, 2010, Jon Washington helped me to see that my view stats wer vastly different than what the video hosting sites reported. I did some more research on the subject and found out that using AUTOPLAY negates their view count. So I've basically been shooting myself in the foot for the last two years. Hopefully changing it now can help out a little. You all have to click play now. Watch videos more than once if you can just to make up for my lack of foresight.