How Do We Jump This High?-See Ya In The Funny Papers

See Ya In The Funny Papers

Posted in Live on July 9th, 2009

On a rainy day in June, a bunch of people packed in the Naideau garage in Northport, LI for awesome music and some food. Unfortunately it rained all night, and bugs were in full force. This is from one of the 3 shows HDWJTH? has played in it's lifetime. You can get their 5 song demo free in...

How Do We Jump This High?-Deep Stationary

Deep Stationary

Posted in Albums on July 7th, 2009

It is hard to judge a band based on a demo alone but it still gives you a taste and that is all it took for me to get up and notice Get Bent. While I enjoyed their demo I did find their brand of post-hardcore/pop-punk to be kind of derivative of Long Islanders Latterman. That's where How Do We...