Halo Fauna-Senescense


Posted in Albums on March 1st, 2009

One piece to 4 piece to 3 piece to occasional 4 piece, Halo Fauna has changed a lot over the years. With the recent release of "Durak", they have cemented their sound in, well, cement. I suck at writing.

Halo Fauna-Blame a Bird For Your Shortcomings

Blame a Bird For Your Shortcomings

Posted in Sessions on August 6th, 2008

Although it took forever to record, we finally did it. yay. Should have been much easier considering two of the people live with the IYMI equipment 24/7. This is off our latest release, Durak, on Plan-it-X. I now understand how awkward this whole project is.

Halo Fauna-Futility and Familiarity

Futility and Familiarity

Posted in Live on March 22nd, 2008

One of our last and best shows on tour with White York, although they didn't play this night. This was at 99 Custer Street in Buffalo, and it was great to see all our friends from up there.

Halo Fauna-New Paltz Summer

New Paltz Summer

Posted in Live on March 16th, 2008

It may not look like it, but I'm pretty out of it too. You can pretty much infer our state by the bottles duct taped to eric's hands. Dom is in top form.

Halo Fauna-Desperado Plunge

Desperado Plunge

Posted in Live on February 20th, 2008

From our show at Gainesville's Wayward Council. We have a new record out on Plan-It-X too. This is the last song on the record, Durak.

Halo Fauna-Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint Pen

Posted in Live on July 29th, 2007

Well...Christopher was into it.