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Banner Pilot "Resignation Day" (reissue)

Ok so pretty much every "Best of" or "What are you listening to?" lists I have done in the last year have had this band on it. There are very few bands that I listen to that I can honestly say every single release they put out is fucking rad. For that very reason I feel like I need to include Banner Pilot almost always. I listed Resignation Day on this list because thats the only record from them I got and at first was totally bummed on the recording quality, enough to the extent that I almost couldn't even listen to the record. When it got re-issued back in September I was like "oh, shit that rules" and I guess for anyone else that felt the same way about that record, go back and check it out. The songs are so good, I felt bad kind of tossing it aside just because of the recording.

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Capital "Givers Takers"

I have been stoked on this band since they released their last record "Homefront" in 2007. I cant think of many bands that still have this Long Island hardcore sound and keep it real by only playing all ages shows. This band rules.

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New Small Brown Bike LP.

Bridge and Tunnel was lucky enough to do some dates with these dudes back in May, getting to see them play every night was amazing not only to hear their old stuff but to get a preview of some of their new material. The newer 7" they released, "Composite vol. 2", has one of my favorite SBB songs on it. I can't wait to hear this record!

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Hot Water Music - Turnstile

An oldie but a goodie. This band and probably even this song, got me so excited about punk when I was in high school. Phil showed me this record after school one day and I had never really heard someone sing like that for a melodic punk band before. To this day, Fuel for the Hate Game, Forever and Counting and No Division are some of the few records I still listen to start to finish.

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by John Galm of Snowing/Street Smart Cyclist. Stay tuned!

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