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Bangers- "Small Pleasures" LP

We (Iron Chic) played a whole string of shows recently with these sweethearts in Europe. They completely caught us off-guard and impressed the shit out of us with their tight, abrasive, and catchy melodic punk rock. Simply put, one of the best current bands in Europe going. This album was just released by bassist Andrew's label Specialist Subject as a co-release with Kiss Of Death.

The band has put it up for a pay-what-you-want download and I highly recommend doing so.

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Landlord- "Beneath The Wheel" LP

I've been waiting for another Landlord full-length for a bit now and this record is all I could of asked for. More of that pop-soaked, lo-fi punk/rock I yearn for, and maybe even hookier & stonier than before! I had the pleasure of hearing this from the band and I absolutely cannot wait for the vinyl! And even better, it's coming on one of the best labels in punk, RECESS Records. Be sure to pick this up when it comes out, its a total ripper.

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Future Virgins- "Western Problems" LP

A few weeks ago I grabbed the tour version of this record at their show in Queens @ Silent Barn w/ Landlord. I've been waiting for this record for a very, very long time and it definitely did NOT disappoint. At all. Quite possibly one of my favorite full-lengths ever at this point, this record floored me from the first listen with it's undeniably, catchy, up-beat, lo-fi pop-punk jamm-age. Members of: Sexy, ADD/C, Jack Palance Band, Hidden Spots & more. What more could you ask for? How 'bout another FV full-length?! Wish granted. Word on the street is, since this took a bit to come out, another one is done and in the works already! YES. Pick up "Western Problems" at Star Cleaner Records.

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Green Day - Going To Pasalacqua - Live in a basement 1992

Green Day in a fucking basement. Enough said.

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by Jim Kettner of Eyes Of Ibad and IYMI Comics fame. Stay tuned!

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