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The Weakerthans Ė Left and Leaving

This isnít a new album by any means. Actually, if it was a kid, itíd be old enough to talk back. Itís also probably something youíve heard before, if not many, many times, but Iím starting off my Music Monday with this record because I truly believe this record is the only record anyone ever needs. Iíve been listening to this album since I was 15 years old and each time I hear it, it sounds completely new. The lyrics tell a story that I absolutely appreciated in my adolescence but really feel in the core of me, now. It has the perfect songs for any kind of moment and I really think everyone needs it on their iPod, record player, computer, whatever.

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The Front Bottoms Ė The Beers

I think I love this song so much because it reminds me of growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey and going to parties in high school where there was always some boy I wanted to impress and it pretty much never worked out the way I wanted it to. I also like that the song, as sad the lyrics really are, is whimsical enough to not hit you right in the gut. It makes you sort of happy and sad at the same time and I think everyone can relate to trying to change yourself, even in a small way, to be what someone wants.

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Field Mouseís New EP

Okay, so they didnít actually tell me the name of their EP or when the EP was coming out other than summer which is sadly, pretty much over, but they did post demo tracks, which I assure you means they must almost be finished. The music theyíve posted so far is absolutely gorgeous and filled to the brim with that dreamy, lonely vibe of early Saddle Creek stuff like Now Itís Overhead and Azure Ray. In my opinion, these songs are pretty perfect sounding and I can picture myself listening to them when the weather starts to get cold and Iím walking home all alone.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with music, but this is the cutest video I have ever seen in my entire life Ė and Iíve seen a lot of cat-related videos. Iíve probably watched this 100 times and just...gosh. I challenge you guys to show me something cuter.

I have no idea who's doing one next!

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