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Emmylou Harris - Hard Bargain

This record comes out tomorrow. I recently saw her perform the whole thing live, from start to finish at South By Southwest and it was awesome. She's a legend and has one of the greatest and most moving voices of all time.

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ROAR - I Can't Handle Change

This is the best bunch of songs I've heard in a really long time. The production is fucking awesome. I'm really, really excited about this.And the band is generous enough to put it up free and easy - on Quote Unquote so... download it. And give them donations because they deserve it!

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Bomb the Music Industry - Vacation

One of my dearest friends, the newly betrothed Jeff Rosenstock has done it again. I've listened to the demos - and they RULE. They are recording it right now so... be prepared for a doozy.

Visit the Bomb Tumblr for recording updates!

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Dolly Parton - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

Dolly Parton is a guitar god. People need to realize that. My buddy, Neil showed me this video and it blew my mind. I'm going to Dollywood next chance I get. Watch her play this beautiful song and then play it at 78 speed.

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by Jay Cross of Break the Habit/Little Ease. Stay tuned!

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