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Aye Nako Demo

Brooklyn's own Aye Nako is made up of some of my favorite people from bands like Cheeky and Fleabag, providing me with much-needed poppier-punk to ride my bike to. Marilyn is greatly capable of writing the kind of song that makes you feel good, while at the same time embodying lyrics that are sometimes sad, and almost always serious and sweet. You can download the tracks from their website, but I suggest throwing them a few dollars for a CD or tape so that you can see them on tour soon.

Update! You can now download their record here at IYMI! Click below to get it. It's sort of hidden now, but it will be live on the front page at 4PM today. Donate while you're at it.

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Weird T.V. upcoming 7” on Perennial Death Records

Weird T.V. is one of those bands that is somehow before their time yet vaguely familiar. Their sound is reminiscent of 90s era sludgey punk rock, but they have the kind of line-up that would rarely be seen then. Made up of half women, half men, with songs sung in Spanish, Weird T.V. is forging their own path and I can't wait to hear this release.

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Maximum RocknRoll Radio's annual "Best Of" broadcast features a section on women-fronted Spanish-speaking bands, and it's not one to miss. MRR Radio is currently in jeopardy after the sale of their radio station to the University of Southern California. They are still pushing through with a different format this week, but the fate of the decades-long broadcast remains up in the air. Visit their site and show some support!

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A classic 1986 video about a gang of female skateboarders that have it out for the local dudes. With an awesome 1980s punk soundtrack, pet rats in tow, and flare to die for, these ladies officially win the title of coolest teenagers ever.

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