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Big Kids - Get Motion!

Big Kids (with Tank from Algernon Cadwallader on drums) playing "Get Motion!" in Chino, CA on their recent West Coast tour together. This whole tour looked and sounded like SO much fun and I think this video kind of encapsulates the loose, carefree vibe that went along with it. You can read some blog posts Big Kids wrote about it all.

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Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - Survival Is Not A Workout

I've been hooked on this for about a month now. It's actually a freely available album, but you can donate as much or as little as you'd like. So I figured I'd steer you in the direction of supporting the band a smidge considering it's 15 fantastic tracks. Fans of Piglet, Noumenon, Faraquet, Victor! Fix the Sun or even So Many Dynamos: Don't sleep on this!

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Rhodes - EP

Terrific instrumental four-piece from Merseyside, UK. Equal parts melody and technical proficiency, Rhodes have put together a super solid set of tracks with this EP. If you're into the clean, bright guitar tones of earlier Look Mexico, Colossal or Karate and like the idea of that being paired with the percussive stylings of Braid, Sharks Keep Moving or Miracle of '86, then you've maybe just found your new favorite band. Apparently they're looking for a singer?

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Monument - Goes Canoeing

Monument is a band that I've been closely following for years now. After initially being completely blown away by their self-released earlier material, it feels like a decade since this band has done anything and I was really starting to get discouraged… "ANOTHER talented band that just fizzles out and never really realizes it's full potential for one reason or another" (see also: Street Smart Cyclist, Know Think). But FINALLY! These dudes have emerged from their hibernation with one of my favorite releases in recent memory. Pre-orders are up now and it'll be released March 22nd via the always fantastic Tiny Engines Records.

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by Jon (Cody, Dill Roy, Seven) Garwacke of Yo Man Go/Garwacke Hall of Fame. Stay tuned!

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