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we're on tour with 1994! right now. it's awesome to watch people react to them night after night. it's as if they're completely dumbfounded and intrigued by what's going on, and no one seems to ever expect it. as soon as mike starts warming up, hitting the drums louder than most band even play, peoples' heads collectively turn, stare, and look genuinely concerned. it's incredible. mike and chris play such concise, technical punk with the fury of the various blizzards we've driven through thus far on said tour. their latest full length is their best yet, and you can buy it from either square of opposition or inkblot right now.

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Hightide Hotel - Nothing Was Missing, Except Me

this record should be called "a serious of unfortunate events." the drum tracks were lost in a fire (for real), the guitars had to be rerecorded three times, vocal parts were lost. pretty much anything that could go wrong during recording a record went wrong for hightide, yet they still won the bet and completed their album before us. this means I owe dave pizza.

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The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

our brethren from connecticut. their first ep, formlessness, was probably my most listened to record of last year. snowing has played three shows with them in the two weeks and there is just something so interesting and special about this band. I am so excited to see what they do next.

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Twin Peaks

you can watch all of david lynch's tv monolith on do it.

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