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Baton Rouge - Fragments d'eux mêmes

I am in Paris right now studying abroad so naturally I've been wanting to listen to French bands. Baton Rouge is comprised of some of the members of Daitro who are from Lyon, and are one of my favorite bands ever. Mountain Asleep played with them and Ampere a couple years ago and it was one of the best show going experiences of my life. They were so intense, and Baton Rouge is no different, a little on the more indie rock side, maybe like Dischord bands or something. Check them out though, its great.

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Xerxes - Homeward Carries No Direction

My little brother Calvin sings for this band, and over the past few years they not only have gotten really good as a band, but have grown up in so many ways. Xerxes started when Calvin was 14 or so, maybe even younger, and were seriously awful. In the last year though, after solidifying their line-up and acquiring better sounding equipment, they have become a real band, that people seem to like a lot. I'm happy for them, and if you haven't listened to them yet, you should give them a chance. This their most recent release, it might come out on a 7" soon? If it does, pick it up.

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Reading Group - Holy Kisser

A lot of you may recognize Jamie playing bass in this video, and if you can't place his face in your memory allow me to enlighten you. Jamie ran the venue Skull Alley in Louisville, KY until this past new years when he had to close the doors after an awesome show featuring Lemuria (who played the first show there as well) and his new band Reading Group. This video was shot by Cory Popp (of Kodan Armada fame for those who care), in Skull Alley during its last few months of existence. Not only is the song totally awesome, but I'm glad the venue itself is going to immortalized by such a fun band. I think they have plans to tour soon, now that Jamie doesn't have to be at the venue all the time, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Black God

Ex/current members of Coliseum/Young Widows/Black Cross/Mountain Asleep and a million more, Black God is Louisville's newest band playing the grungy fast punk for which it has been known for so long. I am of course excited to see Ben (Mountain Asleep's drummer) playing in a band like this because I love watching him play drums. Speaking of which, the drums in the last song in the video I posted are incredible. Their first 7" is coming out on No Idea in the near future, in the mean time they have a couple songs streaming on Facebook.

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by Theo Hilton of Nana Grizol. Stay tuned!

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