Is it spring yet? It feels like it's coming. What did those pesky groundhogs say? Which one are you supposed to trust? How can I wrap up this awful segue into describing the record. Well, let's scrap that altogether.

This record is the world's answer to the recent loss of Teenage Cool Kids. Let me cite some examples. They are both from Texas. How far is Denton from Austin? Damn it, this record is so good. Listen to "Grifted" and watch the seasons change.

Arab Spring is split release between Square of Opposition Records and Austin Town Hall Records.

Dear to whom it may concern LITERATURE is a band on the edge........ of Jangle and power pop Goodness . They frequently reside in Austin Texas where this past summer they just recorded there debut full length ARAB SPRING. It is a delightful jaunt threw the world of CATCHTASTICNESS and HOOKALITY. Not to say that these guys are all bubble gum and pea-knuckle there is definitely a Buxxcocksesque attitude rampant threw out this whole Album. But don't take my word for it CH CH CHECK IT OUT

If you like this, download the Nude Beach and For Serious This Time records. Then grab some ice cream.

*I'm not sure who wrote the description or if Buxxcocksesque is supposed to be Buzzcock-esque. BIG DEAL!

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